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Welcome to my new blog! I had one before, but didn’t write anything for ages, so this will be a fresh start. Hello back you guys who already know me, *wink* to everybody else.
A short introduction for the latter people:
I am known in some parts of the online world as cheshirecat, or some derivate of it. I am German, but as fate would have it, I am living in the Suisse romande and very much enjoy the cheese and chocolate, while I am always struggling with the French language. But at least they have words for 70, 80 and 90 which makes things a bit easier.
I am about to finish my PhD in natural sciences, so you could also call this a procrastination blog, but anyways I plan to keep my postings short(ish).
Some of my free time I dedicate to spinning yarn (and I sell some of it on etsy together with a dear friend), knitting, sewing, cooking and gardening. Sometimes I am feeling way too domestic about my interests, so there is also another, a bit nerdy side of me, enjoying tech and science stuff, fictional entertainment in various media and some lazyness. I especially like the combination of several of those things and I guess I will write about plenty of them in here.
Please forgive me if I make too many typos since I still can’t hit the right buttons on my android tablet, and if things are a bit European centered or in German or French, you can always learn it, ask me for explanations or head over to google translate or some equivalent if you are interested in any details.
One last disclaimer: I am not responsible for the content of any linked webpages I post here, I will always try to keep copyright information right and expect the same from you (please contact me in either case) and I ask for a respectful behavior, but that should go without saying.
So I hope we will have some fun here!

*opening a bottle of champagne and getting the chocolate cake from the oven*


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  1. Finde ich toll, dass du wieder bloggst đŸ™‚
    Werde das mal in meinem Podcast kundtun!


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