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12 of 12 em 12 of 13 July 2017

I kind of forgot 12 of 12, so here comes a 12 of 13 instead 😉 Not giving up yet!

Had some granola for breakfast…


Then I watched a few youtube videos about watercolor painting


I had started to make a small watercolor travel kit and got a neat idea on how to add water containers: a small soy sauce bottle and tiny silicon mold for pralines. I already have a small pocket brush that came with my larger watercolor set. I am not sure if 3 colors + black will be enough. I guess it should be, no? I planned to test it, but didn’t get to do it yet. But before I take it on a long trip I should be sure I don’t need more colors.


Having out my bento box supplies assembling dust in the shelf and remembered I bought a Koinobori streamer a while ago. I have never used it but recently saw that there are Koinobori laundry bags and loved them instantly. So I decided to convert this koinobiri to a laundry bag. When in Japan, take your laundry to the washing machine in style.


I then finally got to plant the chilli pepper seedlings into single pots. They were a bit floppy afterwards but have recovered since.


These are my avocado plants. In the past i never could make them grow, but now I have four plants going, and one is quite large already. I am a bit scared of damaging its roots when I put it into soil, so I tried it first with a smaller plant.


The tomatoes have been busy as well:


And the blackberries are getting ripe as well:


I also have some amazing mint growing. It’s smell is really intense.


In the evening I went over to the first movie at cinetransat, Geneva’s open air cinema festival. It was Ghostbusters and as always, they had some amazing photo opportunities.


That’s the inflatable screen, seen from the back side.


My knitting projects are quite on the large side right now. I’m putting together some travel projects and be efficient about it. So I just started some dish cloths for now.


Next month on 12th I’ll be in my second favorite country (who could have guessed?). Probably in Kyoto, though I’m still figuring out the details.



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