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12 of 12 June 2017

I am again a bit late with 12/12, but I’m not giving up either. I had however the problem that I hadn’t realized that there was no SD card in my camera, so I had to re-enact some photos because they hadn’t been saved.

Breakfast consisted of another batch of homemade granola (this time I recycled a bag of nuts and dried fruit). I preferred the previous one, I think this one has too many oats. I also had a few strawberries and some soft cheese made from “Heumilch” – hay milk. Apparently the cows have just been fed with grass and hay. I hadn’t known that existed, but it’s nice.


My herbs are coming along nicely. Most of them are mints – and I think I have 3 different kinds of. Sadly most of the mint is a hairy variety that doesn’t smell that intense. I keep planning on cutting down my herbs and to dry them before they get ugly and start to flower.


There are new episodes of “Poldark” – yay! I get reminded of my short trip to Cornwall last year. I quite liked it there and would not mind to return some time.


Knitwise I am still working on my Caramel cardigan. I continued beyond the shoulders and tried it on. I suppose it will grow a bit, so I think the fit looks good so far. The only worry I have are the edges that are rolling in a bit. I hope it will be better after blocking.


I was working on a job application for quite some time. I normally do them with latex. The place where I applied demanded an application with photo and sent by post. It is quite unusual. In the meantime I had some promising news from other potential jobs. We’ll see about that soon. It’s good to know that I get some positive response with my weird skill set and work experience. I think I am on the right track.


I finished reading the last book of Tad Williams’ Osten Ard series. I am glad that I made it because it was long, I am proud that I stuck with it, I enjoyed reading a really long story for a change and I am a bit sad that it’s over. But I quite liked the ending. Now I am undecided if I should start with the new Osten Ard series, which will take some years to be fully published I guess, if I should read Shadowmarch now, which I am planning for ages, but I’m not sure that I can handle another 4-book looong looong fantasy story right now, or if I should go and read something else. For example Firebrand by Kristen Britain, which came out a few months ago.


In the evening I went to my pottery class. I passed a pretty field of wheat (?)


I had made a bunch of bowls on the wheel, and chose one set that fits into each other. They have been bisque fired.


I had plans to paint them with fish scales, inspired by koinobori. Each bowl should get their own color – black, red, blue, etc.. I was wondering how to do this and thought about putting on some resist resin or wax to preserve the white color, but my pottery teacher had another idea and I tried it out with two spare bowls. I’m very curious to see how they turned out.


I worked also on the other leftover bowls – some to become a berry bowl, and two very unbalanced ones were to become some measuring cups. I suppose the large one can hold the volume of one US cup, which might be handy for baking and cooking.


Back at home, R. was experimenting with attaching my camera to his telescope. He tried to take a photo of Jupiter, but it was a bit blurry. We have to work on it still.



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