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12 of 12 May 2017

12 pictures of May 12:

For breakfast I had granola. It is the third batch of granola that I made in my slow cooker. Still loving it. I recycled some cereals with cherries and cocoa beans that I bought a while ago and didn’t particularly like. I was out of oats, so I used this instead, and it’s excellent.


There was not much exciting going on, I spent a lot of time writing job applications and I got distracted by pinterest.


Some cat content:
I met the black cat in the garden when I visited my herbs and checked on my strawberries (which are quite lazy to produce any blossoms)…


…and the red one briefly said hello until he realized I won’t give him any food.


I did a bit of housework…


… and had cold soba noodles for lunch…


… followed by some vegan ice cream that I had discovered in the supermarket and decided to try. I am not really convinced. It looks like ice cream, tasted like ice cream while I ate it, but it has little creaminess and a completely bland aftertaste. So to say no flavor at all after swallowing. Strange.


I decided it’s time to re-watch Downton Abbey…


… and finally to try out the afterthought heel for the socks I am kniting right now. There you just add a different bit of scrap yarn at the place where you add the heel later, but continue to knit in a tube until finishing the toes. It is said to allow to change the heel part later when it’s worn out.


I put a few more avocado pits into water. The upper right one I “planted” about 4 weeks ago  and it’s the only one I ever managed to get to develop roots. I know they are upside down. I saw a youtube video where someone did it that way, and it worked for the one pit, so I decided to repeat that.


The weather was very unsteady. It was raining a bit, then the sun came out, then it rained a bit more.


In the evening I finally got to do something with the 10 kilo bag of clay that I bought to play around at home. I thought I can do some handbuilding myself and focus on throwing at the wheel in pottery class.


Dinner was leftovers that I forgot to photograph. There was more Downton Abbey and knitting later. As I said, not very much excitement.


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