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12 of 12 April 2017

I know that this comes a bit late. Easter holidays and internet access inconvenience are to blame.

April 12 was a Wednesday, and I had a job interview in the morning. So I had other things on my mind than taking pictures of my (scarce) breakfast. I took the train to the city, so I had a bit of time on the train to have more breakfast and prepare my interview. It went ok-ish, I think (first time ever having all my documents and the interview in French! oo). I wasn’t informed about the decision yet.20170412_082953

After that I went to the supermarket for some shopping. It was clearly noticeable that it was Easter time.

At home, I watched the last few episodes of Iron First. It got quite some unfavorable critiques and I partly agree, though I think it was not absolutely terrible. I’ve seen way better Marvel shows (Daredevil and Jessica Jones) and I am very excited about the new Defenders spin-off (because Daredevil and Jessica Jones).20170412_125516

I made some knitted bunnies for Easter and worked on them while watching Iron Fist. They are really simple, just squares of garter stitch, through which you pull a thread to make the head (stuffed) and ears. Then the back is sewn together and usually the body is also stuffed and closed, but I saw this version where you can fill them with chocolate Easter eggs and then close them with a ribbon. I made a bunch of them as gifts, they were really adorable.

I had planned to make some “Dandelion Honey” for a few days, since there were so many dandelion blossoms growing in our garden.  There are so many recipes and I followed a combination of them. I started plucking flowers and removing the green stuff, because one recipe said to take it off. Before I decided that this probably was just not necessary. Later, I added the same amount of complete blossoms, because I thought this was just some tedious and unnecessary work. I could not finish that day, but continued the next days. 20170412_141226

I had some headache that got worse (too much excitement in the morning? too much sun?) so I took a nap in the afternoon. BTW, pictured is my nice radio alarm clock. It has large numbers so I can read them without contacts at night. ❤

Feeling better, I went to my favorite activity on Wednesdays in the evening: the knitting meeting.I passed the little garden patches of the local elementary school, which looked pretty:

We were just 4 people this time, and I worked mostly on my new Caramel Cardigan.

On my way home I saw a very pretty full (?) moon. The light was reflected in the lake far down. The picture doesn’t do it much justice.

At home, I had leftover Miso Ramen soup and a bit of chocolate Easter bunny.

I progressed with the Osten Ard books that I began re-reading last month to book 3 (Die Nornenkoenigin / To Greenangel Tower Pt. 1). The translator really made some bizarre choices… I realized that the first book of the new series (The last King of Osten Ard) has already been published in January. But this is rather an in-between-novel of the old and new series? It’s a bit confusing.

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  1. Tad Williams! I like him. The four Paperbacks of Osten Ard are now Klett-Cotta:
    And now, after more than twenty years it goes on:
    (Drachenbeinthron was 1991 – Engelsturm was 1994)

  2. “The Heart of What Was Lost” is a bridge novel between the old novels and the new. 🙂


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