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12 of 12 March 2017

This 12th of the month was again a sunday – and a relatively uneventful as well.. here’s 12 of 12 in March.

I did a bit of yoga in the morning. Just for a few minutes. I figured a few minutes more often is better than not at all 😉

I had breakfast in the garden for the first time this year.

It was not particularly sunny, but warm and nice, the wild bees were beeing around, violets are growing in the grass and were really fragrant.

The neighbour’s cats also came to say good morning.

I first spent some time knitting and watching an animated short movie. I’m knitting a pair of socks from handdyed yarn. I had dyed the yarn first with black tea a while ago and now added speckles last week, because I like the look of all the speckled yarn I saw on Ravelry. It needs some more practice but I quite like the result.
The movie I watched is called “The Garden of Words“(Kotonoha No Niwa) by Makoto Shinkai and was quite nice. He also directed 2007’s “5 cm per second“, and 2016’s “Your name” (Kimi no Nawa), which I watched a few days ago and found really excellent. Really, it’s great. It might be one of my favorite animes now. I already had plans to go on (yet another) trip to Japan this year, and now I’m even more determined.

Lunch was leftovers from the day before, we made Guinness Beef Barley Soup. It was quite delicious and may be repeated some time. I had planned to cook with barley for a while, it is one ingredient in the infamous “Bündner Gerstensuppe”, a soup from Eastern Switzerland and something I would like to try soon.

The main thing I did on that day was reading. I haven’t read a long book for a while, and none which was no ebook but a real, physical book. After reading about the announcement of a sequel for the “Osten Ardtritetralogy by Tad Williams, I decided it is time for a re-read, since all I clearly remember about it is that I really liked it back then, ~18 years ago. It was really nice to curl up with a book and I am surprised how fast I progress, given that I had trouble finding something exciting to read recently and stick with it. Having a more grown-up view this time, and also a little bit more insights into world-and story building and how to actually write fiction is interesting. I appreciate the way of introduction of figures, the cultural and historical background. One thing that I both admire and find a little bit awkward is the sometimes flourish language, trying a little bit too hard for my taste. I am mostly reading the German version for a change, as my English copies are not here right now, and some of the awkwardness may come from the translation. I even realized that I had this copy signed during a book reading at least 12 years ago in Heidelberg, where I had the chance to experience Tad Williams in person. I had brought a whole bunch of books, but did not remember that he signed this exact copy. One more reason to appreciate and love the book.

I also worked a little bit on my tax declaration, due in a few days. It’s in French. Gnaaa. Well, I learned a few new words. And I think I have it mostly done.

In the evening we went to see “Logan” in cinema. I was looking forward to see it, as I like X-Men movies (the comics never much appealed to me) a lot and I’m a fan of Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. And we also had nice company for the film and a quick eat before. The movie is hyped a lot, so I had great expectations, but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I did not care much for all this car action and different versions of how you can put adamantium claws into various body parts and especially heads. Also, there were quite a few old tropes, such as the nice people that help out mutants on the run and end up quite dead. Needless to say I did not appreciate much having to say farewell to two of my favorite figures in X-Men verse and favorite actors to play them. But I agree that it might be time to let them go. I would rank it better than X3 and the first Wolverine movie, and I think Jackman, Stewart and the kids did great acting, and the overall story is not bad. But I’d rather rewatch the majority of imho better X-Men movies.

On the way home I liked the full moon

and that one of our cat-friends paid us another late visit and even graciously let me take a photo of her.

I did a bit more reading before I became so tired that I almost fell asleep.



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