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Nerdopolis February 2017


For a while now I am taking part in a nerdy challenge group on Ravelry called Nerdopolis. The idea is to craft something for the six monthly challenges to gain points. At the same time, people can be in fandom groups and gain extra points if they relate their project to their chosen fandom. It is also possible to play as an unaffiliated Rogue player and join any time, as team sign-up usually only takes time every 4 months. This time I joined a newly formed Harry Potter group, with some extra challenges and House points that can be gained for one’s Hogwarts house from these challenges as well as from the usual Nerdopolis categories. I really like it so far, and as always it is super fun and helps to get creative and keep busy.

I have finished early this month – usually I make it last-minute to post my finished projects – so I thought I share here what I have made. I have been really productive and have managed to make something for every challenge. Yay. More detail can be found on ravelry.

Carousel Nerdception: Who Do You Love?
I knitted a hat from handspun and -dyed merino & silk yarn.

Nerdopolis University: Ornithology
I have knitted a bird’s nest. At least I claim that it is one. It’s intended to be a part for the belated christmas present for my nephew

Area 51: Treat Yourself

Area 51 is about finishing WIPs or knitting up stash yarn, two projects are allowed. I did both, used up some cotton from my stash to knit a dishcloth, and finished the Lutea shell that I had laying around for about a year.

Wildcard: The Four Elements
I knitted a pair of fingerless mittens, inspired by the element fire. The pattern is called “Margarete Fingerless Gloves” and I quite like it. Though it might be nicer with a thinner yarn and made with two colors.

The Lab: Craft Local
This is a challenge for non-ravelry crafts (i.e. knitting, crochet, spinning). I decided to cook two local dishes from regional ingredients (saucisse vaudois, tomme vaudoise and tomme de Geneve, a bottle of white wine from around here, some local honey and walnuts that I have collected from a tree in the village where I live).

I made Tommes Vaudoises pannees (local soft cheese, breaded and fried) with green salad with bacon and caramelized walnuts and a Papet Vaudois (local sausage with a side of heavily white wine infused potatoes and leeks) and it was very delicious.

Change the World: PIF & RAK
that is still a bit of a secret, who knows who reads this… 😉

The new challenges for March will be published in half an hour and I’m excited to see what they will be!



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