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12 of 12 February 2017

So here’s one attempt to resurrect this blog from the almost-dead. There’s a bunch of bloggers who post 12 pictures of the 12th of each month about what they were doing that day. I like the idea, so here I’m giving it a shot. Who cares that it’s already a few days later? πŸ˜‰

I had some nice apple cake for breakfast, made the night before. We were planning to have a baking/gaming/Sherlock evening with friends, and it turned out to be a two-cake/gaming/Indian-food evening. No time for Sherlock, but really nice cake and great company.


I previously binge-watched (because what else can you do with 25+ episodes?) some Korean dramas. I can’t even say why I love them so much. They are very (over)dramatic at times, and sometimes are not very logical. I am not sure if the plot is illogical, because of “bad” writing, or if the reason lies in the subtitles and flawed translation. It is hard to stop once started and sometimes I like to be sucked into it. I can’t do it all the time, but it has been a while since the last one. This time I got hooked on a Chinese historical drama called “Imperial Doctress“, with 50 episodes. It’s the story of a young upper class woman who wants nothing more than becoming a doctor, at times where women were not allowed to. She falls in love with the brother of the emperor, but also the emperor himself loves her, and further on also a Mongolian warlord is thrown in as a love interest. There are not one, not two, but three scheming court ladies who make her live very miserable. There’s court intrigue, war, battles and fighting, outbreaks of diseases that the heroine has to treat, and also very pretty and romantic scenes. The special effects are a bit lame, but so far I quite like it.


I started a few new knitting projects. I needed something very simple, because while watching something in a foreign language which I don’t speak I need to pay attention to the subtitles. I decided to start a baby blanket for a friend in knit stitches, which will be steeked and cut open in the end. I have never done this before and I am really excited about to try it for the first time.


I have started bullet journaling in November and the day before I finally found nice sticky dots, tab post-its and a small ruler in a shop, so I didn’t have to order them. I put them to work:


I still had some remnants of christmas decorations set up and got rid of them. Here’s the last images of them: I have made small stars from transparent paper, and have decorated the fireplace. The two knitted apples come from a secret santa swap in my local knitting group and I am super happy that I got them:

I had a quick look outside into the garden. It was a nice sunny day, and there was only a little bit of snow left. The chives have survived the winter and are already growing again, and the first primroses have appeared.

We had Schnitzel with potato salad, very yummy.


In the evening I took a train ride up to the Jura mountains. I had planned to take some night-time photos from the snowy landscape there for a while and finally got to do it, since the weather looked nice and I hoped there was enough snow. It felt quite adventurous to get all the equipment (hiking boots, snow shoes and poles, some gaiters, knitted gloves and hats to keep me warm and of course my camera).


I had finally bought a decent camera before our holidays last fall and got a lens that had good reviews for shooting landscape and stars. There was almost nobody else around and I felt a bit weird to walk there on my own. The place is very popular for sleighing and apparently building snow men during day time:


I walked down the valley and around a small hill. Originally I had planned to walk a bit further, where a local group is running a small observatory because surely it would be very dark there. But unfortunately it was a bit cloudy and I didn’t want to walk around in the dark on my own so far. I planned to catch the next train down an hour later. Also it was cold and I felt very clumsy with the snow shoes and I had forgotten my camera remote at home. So I only took a few quick photos and got back home. I still have to practice photography a lot and didn’t do any image processing, but it doesn’t look so bad. Orion says hello.


Back at home I made some hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows


and spent some time on ravelry to look for knitting patterns. I had spotted a very nice knitted sweater in the train and was trying to find a similar pattern to make one myself. I am a bit obsessed with fair isle right now I suppose. I didn’t really find a good pattern, so I will have to improvise.



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  1. Stumbled via #12v12 over you. Nice to read you again. πŸ˜‰ Your photo trip sounds really adventurous – the stars far away from bigger cities are so beautiful. I miss them.


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