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Pause and Fast Forward

I am stuck between the wish to hold on to things, keep them as they are right now and to get something new started. It is weird. But that’s how it is. The French have the expression “il faut profiter”. You have to enjoy it while it lasts. Just this morning I watched the white fluffy clouds and the shadows they cast on the green forests on the hills. It was so pretty, as if it just came out of a japanese anime and I was sad that I won’t be able to see it every day. But the trees are getting their autumn colors – and autumn has always been a time for new beginnings for me. And you could see the waning moon on the blue sky, and that reminded me that I will set forth to new adventures, to pay my tribute to find out how this planet and that pale thing in the sky came to be. And it will be fine.

I read the Prisoner of Azkaban much quicker than the re-read on, so I have to wait and maybe savour it a bit longer. It has always been my favorite movie and maybe it is also my favorite book. It is a shame that it is so short. I am a big fan of Remus Lupin. Any good Marauders fanfiction? Anyone?
Then I have started on a  series of young adult horse books by the author Ursula Isbel that I loved when I was in my teenage years. They are really short, I could read one per day on my daily commute. They are not really sophisticated and I feel a little bit ridiculous reading horse books, but they are well written, have great characters and I associate them with comfort and happy memories. And it is fascinating to revisit this early 90’s spirit in terms of environmental politics and culture. Chernobyl had just happened and the books are full of lecturing how humankind destroys the planet. Which is good as it raises the awareness of environmental issues for kids in this age, but it can be a bit tiring if you read the books in a quicker pace.


So I still like Outlander. I would like to see the whole season in one go, it is exciting. I started to listen to the audio book to get on with the story but I must say I am not convinced. It is really slow-paced, I think I would not be able to read it as a book. Maybe it gets better later. And there are some parts that are soooo cheezy, borderlining to annoying. There is the possibility that it’s the narrator’s fault, but I also somehow can’t take the plot seriously. Strangely I like the TV show much better at the moment. Maybe they tweaked some scenes to have a more fluid sequence of events, or it is just better played out without the description of dashing Scotsmen in quilts and the physical things. I also wonder if it is a coincidence that the show comes up just before the vote for the separation of Scotland, when the heroine of the novel is cast back to just before the Battle of Culloden that marked the loss of Scottish independence.
Then there is Doctor Who and I must say I do not not like it. I think there’s much potential with #12 and once I learn to understand his accent this can only improve things. But I somehow don’t feel a spark yet. The spark hasn’t been there for a while.
Otherwise I saw again “The Village” from 2004, and I really really like it. I wonder why it has such bad ratings on IMDB. Well there’s no need to be conform with the public taste. I also quite enjoyed “47 Ronin” though it got bad reviews. *shrug*
Did I already mention “Guardians of the Galaxy“? I liked it quite a bit. I am still surprised how much I like movies based on comic books though I did not really read them. But I love love love X-Men  (at least all but X3) and quite like all Avenger-y stuff with the exception of Hulk. GotG I had never heard of and I was wondering what’s up with the tree and the racoon. But it’s really neat.


I made two plum cakes. I thought they were yummy, it was the recipe I learned at school (make a short dough from 100g butter, 100g sugar, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, 1 egg, 2 table spoons milk, 250g flour, half a packet of baking powder, keep it in the fridge for 1h, then line a baking tin with it; de-pit 1kg of plums and put them into the dough and bake for 30 min at 200 degC; sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon). I also had to eat them almost entirely on my own as my dear BF seems not to like plums, he thinks they are too sour. Then it is apple cake this week. Also quite nice. Then there is lots of Bruschetta, as finally the tomatoes are ripe and there is imho no better way to eat them if you want to appreciate the taste of home grown vs. super market tomatoes. Already last year I experimented with a spice mix that I got in Florence and agreed with myself that taking the spices, put them into olive oil, add dried tomatoes, tomato puree and a few fresh ones and blend them with a mixer while heating it on the stove makes a really tasty spread to put on toasted bread, cover with tomatoes, some basil and olive oil. It is also nice on sandwiches. I make a big portion and keep it in the fridge.

Also I was quite obsessed with peaches. They had really delicious ones in the supermarket, and now the ones of our neighbor’s peach tree are also ripe. So it’s peach-bruschetta-cake diet for me right now. Sounds healthy, doesn’t it?
Finally I got a bunch of chanterelles at the super market for 50% off. We put the bigger pieces into a super delicious shepherd’s pie, but I had a whole bunch of tiny mushrooms that were covered with soil, moss and pine needles. The bigger ones I could brush off, but I was at a loss how to prepare the tiny ones. Until I read a really cool advice in the internet: you put them into a sieve, cover them with flour and then shake the sieve until the flour falls through the mesh, and then you shower them with water to get rid of the flour and the dusty soil particles. I had to do it twice, but it worked like a charm. I fried them with some onions, added cream, sour cream and some spices and a bit of lime juice and had an excellent sauce for pasta. Maybe one of these days I manage to find some in the forest and don’t have to take super market mushrooms.

I feel a bit guilty when I see the overgrown weedy mess of my patch, but then I have still tomato plants and all my neighbours don’t. They are even finally getting red. I must remember to keep seeds for next year. The maybe best way to do it is to place them on a paper towel, already spaced as you want to have new plants growing and dry them like this. Then in spring you can put the entire paper in a flower pot or mini-greenhouse and cover it with a little bit of soil. Luckily we could stop my mum from throwing away my paper with the tomato seeds when she was visiting and thought it to be garbage.
What I love right now are the morning glories that are growing and blossoming nicely. I planted some of them into the tomato pots, so they have plenty possibilities to climb. I just love their flowers, they are so pretty and delicate. There are violet, purple and wild white ones. They will also give plenty of seeds.

Insurances! I need so many insurances. Health insurance (awfully complicated here), household, personal liability, anti-theft, pension fund. And I need to think about my taxes. I feel strange and a bit more grown-up. And it definitively is weird to clean up my office, my samples and my PC after so many years there. I begin to realize that I actually will be leaving.

I am planning to make four quilts. I even started some of them.
#1 will be a hexagon quilt, paper pieced by hand and inspired by my favorite fandoms, movies, books and TV shows. I was thinking about knitting a blanket in this kind already a few years ago, from handspun artyarn, but I think it’s much nicer and durable to make it from fabric. And there are sooooo many possibilities and nice fabric. Hexagon paper piecing is fun and portable. Good for the trains. I will also try to incorporate knitted Hexipuffs. It will be quite a long project.
#2 is a quilt that I promised my friend for her wedding. Quite some time ago *blush*. But I finally had a good idea how to do it and chose some fabrics. More is still secret.
#3 is a baby blanket, also a present. I saw some nice quilts with stars, also paper pieced from diamond shapes this time, but I think I will only make the stars in that way and applique them on a machine-sewn background of blues. I realized that paper piecing diamonds is less fun than doing hexagons.
#4 is again a quilt I plan for myself, from japanese fabric. First I thought about taking only fabric from yukata, but then it will be a never ending story. So I think I will take all kinds of japanese fabric, both I bought myself there and what I got from the internet / local shops. I have not thought about the general appearance yet.

Geek (?) stuff: 
I found out something great last week! My favorite anime series – Seirei no Moribito (Guardian of the Spirit), which is based on a japanese series of books, of whom two were translated into english and the first made into the anime (available somewhere on youtube) and a manga, will be transfered to a TV show, and released from 2016. And it will apparently cover all the novels. *squeee*

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  1. Spot on about bruschetta being the thing for good tomatoes. How nice being able to pluck them from your garden. I spend a lot of time during summer in the markets looking for ones that are okay. This year’s been really bad, which I assumed was due to the consistently lousy weather. Also, I do love tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil. I don’t think this requires more than a drizzle of best olive oil.


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